Shoppinig Safari - OMG Florence
Shoppinig Safari - OMG Florence
Shoppinig Safari - OMG Florence

Our Italian Shopping Safari is an exciting way of seeing the ‘real Italy’ and visit a variety of different stores, private ateliers, factories and much more that are off the beaten path and behind closed doors. We have the keys to open these doors and bring you with us.

For this adventure, OMG Florence is partnering with the best of the best in town, Barbara from Beyond Florence. Together we have designed the Italian Shopping Safari, undoubtedly the best Shopping Experience in Italy.

We partner with master artisans, designers, store owners, local friends, hoteliers, and top restaurants to create this long-week-event that will immerse you in the world where the products you’re going to buy are made and really understand what’s behind “Made in Italy”. Get to know the processes, the stories that make Italian products unique and the tradition that passes from one generation to the next. We have the field experience and good relationships with artisans, designers, and the best local business to offer you the best that Florence and other Tuscan cities have to offer.

Camila Cepeda, Founder & Experience Designer of OMG Florence

Creating experience is creating enrichment, which requires finding the highest quality shops, products, and services as well as an in-depth understanding of the clients’ needs and aspirations. I design tailor-made lifestyle experiences in order to let you have the best time in Florence and Tuscany, my home and the territory I know best.

My international background and experience in marketing and advertising helps me to seek out the finest products. I work closely with artisans, store owners, designers and hoteliers to communicate their ideas most genuinely and truthfully and to bring my clients in contact with the world that is usually hidden away to most behind closed doors. I open those doors to create experiences for my clients that are unforgettable and one-of-a-kind.

Barbara Chiucini Founder of Beyond Florence, Personal Shopper & Lifestyle Experiences

My passion is Fashion, I follow the latest trends and stay up-to-date on any breaking news in the industry. I achieved my dream of studying fashion and graduated with a degree in Marketing and Commercialization. I soon found myself working as a Product Manager, building my knowledge of the various phases of product design and production, which led to the excitement of participating in the Milan and New York fashion shows. Nowadays I keep my passion alive creating my Shopping and Lifestyle experiences for my customers around the globe.

My motto is: “The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them”.

Why go on our Italian Shopping Safari?

• You can slow down because we’re taking care of the details
• We know Florence and other Tuscan cities well; Camila is a Foreign-Local living in Florence since 2003 and Barbara was born and raised in Tuscany.
• Experience the real Italian Lifestyle with up-to-date and true insider information.
• Engage with the local culture and learn about the stories behind the products you’ll see and/or buy.
• Shopping will be fun and easier with us
• Our Italian Shopping Safari is designed for a small group of women. Space is limited on this experience to 10 guests. Smaller groups and individuals will be accepted until we meet this limit number, so make sure not to miss out and pre-register now. We truly believe that small groups make traveling more fun and it’s absolutely better than traveling alone. Take part in every scheduled day, certainly, there is something to suit everyone!


7 Magical days | MAY 24 – 30 2020

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