Fulcro - OMG Florence!


Fulcro - OMG Florence



Fulcro is a small carpentry shop in the Oltrarno area of Florence, where beautiful wood lamps are made with the most varied types of wood available in Florence and surroundings.
Many of their objects are processed and treated to be left natural. This is to enhance wood characteristics. Ancient techniques are also applied, such as hand carving, admixture, leaf gilding and shellac polishing.

Behind Fulcro, there are two men. Firstly Michelangelo who is the hands and mind of the wood creations. Fabio is the other who is a supportive friend that takes digital details such as the graphic design, website and their shops on Etsy and Amazon.

Fulcro got inspiration from the Polyhedra. The Platonic solids owe their name to their discoverer, the Greek philosopher Platone. He was the first to study them and many other philosophers and mathematicians followed him. However, scientists are not the only ones to have turned their interest to these figures that seem to come directly from the very form of matter. In the course of history these forms have sometimes taken on religious and esoteric meanings. In antiquity they were called cosmic figures.

Fulcro can work on commissioned projects and you can also choose wood essence or painting.

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Wood. Handcrafted. Florence.

Viale Francesco Petrarca, 116
50124 Firenze

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday you’ll find Michelangelo working, but to be sure you’ll find him give him a call first.
M. +39 342 116 2586
e-mail: fulcrofirenze@gmail.com