Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is a new Florentine brand created by two sisters, Giulia and Sara, both with backgrounds in design. This new business received much inspiration from their father’s historic shop, where ancient carpets and fabrics are searched and collected from all over the world.

Also their inspiration comes from their need to share good products. They are less interested in the quantity of products and more in the quality, meaning less glitz and more intricate elegance. Thus, resulting in a collection with simple and elegant lines, where the selection of materials brings out the beauty and range of colors.

Material quality and pricing is very important to the Heart to Heart brand, born from the ancient bond that exists between aesthetics and ethics. Currently, globalization is less transparent, and we know very little about what we use and buy everyday, but at Heart to Heart they highly value the relationship between costs, profit and quality.

The principle materials of the Heart to Heart first collection are silk velvets and natural hemp.
Everything is handmade including the accessories and apparel.
Heart to heart where tradition is transmitted from one heart to another, and passed from hand to hand.


Heart to Heart
Via Santo Spirito 54R
50125 Firenze

Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm / 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm | Sundays appointment-only