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RIVA Lofts

Being in a city with centuries of history over its name, Florence has a myriad of places and buildings that have served different purposes over the years. They have been transformed across centuries and are buildings rich in history, culture and arts. Some of them are to be found in the historical center, but others can be found in less busy areas that will make you appreciate Florence beyond the walls.

Crossing the Arno River through the Cascine Park you will find an island of joy for the senses. This particular place has been transformed from a factory, into an artisan laboratory, then into an architecture studio, and finally, into a place that welcome travelers to make them feel at home, an awe-inspiring home. We are talking about RIVA Lofts.

At RIVA Lofts, you’ll live THE experience, you’ll definitely assay how living as a local in Florence could be, having a Loft (not just a room) where to stay, living in a residential area and driving your bike just like locals do, will make the difference. You’ll be surrounded by sophisticated design, a private garden, a marvelous white sandstone pool, attention to details in the service and atmosphere make RIVA Lofts much more than a simple place to sleep in Florence.

Via Baccio Bandinelli 98
50142 Firenze
+39 055 7130272