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The Florentine

The Florentine - OMG FlorenceWhether you are new to the city, or you have lived in Florence for so long that you already have your Italian citizenship; whether you are here for a study abroad program or on sabbatical; whether you are here for a week or who knows how long; whether you are a return-visitor or it’s your first time in this Renaissance city; whether you have made Florence your home or you just lucky enough to be born in Florence and like reading about the city in English… No matter if one or all of the above, surely you have gone into a bar, restaurant, store or hotel and have found The Florentine, the monthly magazine that publishes news and information about events in Florence.

Although it is in English, “The Florentine” is definitely a Florentine guy, one of us; it is that cool, nice friend who always has something new and interesting to tell you and always invites you to cool events in the city that if it weren’t for him you wouldn’t have known anything about!

Each month we can’t wait to see the new cover, to discover what is behind it, who made it and read the letter from the editor. Maybe you will be like us and keep it to consult it all month long… and maybe, like us, when reorganizing your desk you’ll too discover that can find copies or clippings from copies from the past few months or even years!

Six main sections (News, Events, Art & Culture, Food & Wine, Lifestyle, and Travel) and a wide network of contributors and columnists, advertisers and supporters all make The Florentine a key resource on contemporary life in Florence and a voice for the city’s vibrant international community.


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