Andrés Carne de Res - OMG Florence!

Andrés Carne de Res

Andrés Carne de Res

If you reach Colombian territory don’t think twice about paying Chía, City of the Moon, a visit. This labyrinthine universe brings together the country’s culture and tastiness. Entering this Pagan Paradise will open up a world of possibilities to have the best time ever!

There’s so much to say about Andrés Carne de Res, but when you try to put down in words this magic place that bring you up so many memories and that you’ve seen evolve and become what it is today, you realize that your words can’t describe it at all, you just have to go and see it yourself.

It is like a bit of magic that came down on earth. This is by far one thing you must put high on your list of to-go if you visit Colombia.

Andrés Carne de Res - OMG Florence


Andrés Chía
Calle 3 N° 11A – 56

Andrés DC (Bogotá)
Calle 82 N.12-21

Andrés Medellin
Carrera 43 A N.6 Sur 26

Andrés Ibagué
Av. Guabinal N.57-15

Andrés Santa Marta
Calle 16 N.3-112

Andrés Cajica
Carrera 5 N.9-25 sur

Andrés Plaza El Retiro Bogotá
calle 82 N.12-21

Andrés Plaza Hacienda Santa Barbara Bogotá
Cra. 7 N.115 – 72

Andrés Plaza Gran Estacion Bogotá
Av Calle 26 N.62-47

Andrés Plaza Santafé Bogotá
Calle 185 N.45-03 Piso 3

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