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Carmen Molina

Carmen Molina

Colombian born designer Carmen Molina has always found herself drawn to the magic of nature. Being raised in the exotic Andes of Colombia nurtured this sense of adventure and desire to explore the textures of the earth through camera, which eventually lead her to study photography in New York at the School of Visual Arts. Her artistic expression has grown from a love of textures, color and light and an innate desire to explore the world that has exposed her to a diversity of cultures, landscapes and ethnicities. Each has played a significant contribution in the creation of her art and design, most recently affecting her silk line.

CARMEN MOLINA is a brand that has been developed within the past two years, focusing on beautifully printed clothing – including silk kimono, kaftans, pants, shirts, and scarves – derived from Molina’s photography. Her artwork has always been inspired by density, depth, texture, color and light, which has led her to travel to vast locations in search of wild and raw environments of inspiration. This love of light eventually translated perfectly with the relationship between her photography and silk prints. For years, Molina has been displaying her works on paper and in galleries such as the Bogotá Galería Sextante, but the recent revolution in digital textile printing opened the doors to experimenting with fabrics. In this process, it was quite evident how harmoniously her prints worked with silk, adding a new dimension of movement that enhanced the visual experience of her work.

Molina recognizes the female urge to wear printed silk, and the significance in wearing a beautifully made silk garment. Through wearing her prints for two years, Molina herself can recognize the changing ways in which she is perceived while being encouraged to create more wearables on the daily. She sees herself as a small part in the ancient silk chain, starting from the silkworm eating mulberry trees, to her own creations of ultimate feminine form. Through her silk line she hopes to fill in a void in the fashion world for beautiful, exciting and interesting prints. She hopes to offer pieces the contemporary woman, providing functional needs of easy wear and travel, while also accommodating their fashion needs, providing effortless elegance to any outfit. The Carmen Molina brand truly stands for high quality and timeless wearables with unique prints and textiles that capture the spirit of the time.


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