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Carolina Ortega

Carolina Ortega

Carolina Ortega is a Colombian company dedicated to the exclusive design and manufacturing of 100% handmade furniture and objects for the home. They draw inspiration from the beauty of the imperfect in a world that is constantly seeking perfection, thereby highlighting the balance of shape, texture, material and color within each piece. Their goal is to communicate the value of handmade textiles and the endurance of artisan legacies in Colombia.

Each product represents hours of careful work by specialized craftsmen who make unique concepts come to life. They love experimenting with colors, fabrics, patterns and materials to create unique pieces made of only the highest quality to highlight the beauty of the craft.
Carolina Ortega truly produces one of a kind works of art that focuses on the best of Colombia’s artisans, fusing together the traditional and the contemporary.

They have collection pieces, unique pieces and completely customizable pieces developed according to the customer’s specifications. They know that empty spaces are blank canvases full of potential with a story to tell. For this reason, they want each customer to feel free to tell their story as they want, and subsequently customize their furniture from the models they have. This unique element of design will allow their customers to bring home a specialized piece of Colombia’s art and culture.


Cra 7bis N.123-57
Bogotá, Colombia


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