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Casa Elemento

Casa Elemento

Casa Elemento, home of the giant hammocks is a unique hostel perched on a ridge in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  Located close to The Lost City & Tayrona National Park, with incredible views of the ocean, mountains and jungle. A land filled with mystic adventures and endless possibilities.

The incredible location allows you to sleep within the surrounding jungle. Choose whichever option tempts you, whether it’s the Cabaña Dorm, with its private giant hammock overlooking the jungle and ocean, or one of the simple rooms up at the farm, Finca Elemento.

Eat fresh. Almost everything is from their own production and comes from surrounding farms and their own 37-hectares plot.  Whether its fruit, coffee, beef, vegetables, eggs, chicken or fresh herbs, that their highly skilled chef know’s how to transform into something delicious every time.

Cool off with a dip in the pool after a hike, or in one of the nearby famous waterfalls or enjoy your afternoon strumming a guitar in one of their giant hammocks. You’ll be so relaxed, you’ll find yourself wondering why your days are passing by so fast. When night falls, you can join a family style dinner, a lively bar and a nightly campfire make for an easy atmosphere to meet and share your stories with other like-minded travelers.

For slightly more adventurous guests who are keen to see nature from a different angle, Casa Elemento offers some impressively varied tour options. Working with adventure specialists, you can ride on a safari tour, gather some serious speed on a full suspension downhill mountain bike or explore the jungle in the early morning while bird watching.

To get an idea of what kind of experience you could live in Casa Elemento, read more in Jackson’s extraordinary blog, who’s been exploring epic locations around the world for over 2 years…

Minca is an awesome little mountain region near Santa Marta in Colombia. It’s like the Ubud of Colombia with cute little cafes, hostels and eco-villages and huts spread throughout the luscious jungles of the Minca mountains. One of the most epic places to stay in Minca is Casa Elemento. Like many places in Minca, it has epic views of the mountains and a dreamy valley below the hostel. However, it is the giant hammocks that are the attraction that make Casa Elemento stand out from other accommodations in Minca. The hostel itself is quite cheap for how stunning the scenery is and there is an array of sleeping options from hammocks to dorms to private mountainside cabins…


Casa Elemento Colombia - OMG Florence


How to get to Casa Elemento, is detailed in their website

Calle Principal 254-1,
Nuevo Oriente, Minca.
Santa Marta, Magdalena,

+57 3116559207
+57 3135877677

Facebook: @casaelementominca
Instagram: @casaelemento

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