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Hilo Sagrado

Hilo Sagrado

In 2013, Sabrina Prioli had a vision to move to Colombia to begin a foundation dedicated to preserving the culture and traditions of indigenous groups using a model that sought to improve the quality of life in such communities. Thus, the Hilo Sagrado Foundation was born. Inspired by the Wayuú people of northwestern Colombia, the foundation aims to design and implement a different kind of business model that would allow Hilo Sagrado to succeed in sustainability on a global business platform.

In 2015, Ana Maria and Emilia Torres, two Colombian sisters with extensive experience in the promotion of social impact and sustainable entrepreneurship, took on the leadership of Hilo Sagrado. They continued the original model of inclusive development which recognizes the deep cultural legacy and value of artisan communities in Latin America, and which seeks to empower women with the tools that allow them to improve their quality of life. Their focus on education, economic empowerment and sustainable development deeply contributes to their goals of gender equality, the eradication of poverty, and inclusive economic growth. With such an amazing focus on cultivating better lives for their workers, Hilo Sagrado not only creates sustainable and fashionable pieces, but they truly make an impact on the lives of the women in the communities. The women they work with are truly able to take initiative in bettering their lives and become competitive in a market.

In their programs, Hilo Sagrado provides education through innovation and design workshops, digital literacy campaigns and business development training. This develops local capacity and allows communities to rescue their cultural heritage; it allows women to be independent and empowered; and it supports a better future for their families. They promote values of leadership, inclusion, and entrepreneurship that allow these women and their families to express their artisanal work in a global ethic trade. Other programs include a focus on security and sustainable management of water and sanitation services, building better homes through construction techniques, a recycling and trash collecting system that creates “eco bricks” for construction, and crop cultivation for food security.

Hilo Sagrado brings together efforts by the private and public sector, international organizations and private individuals to build knowledge and solutions that create social, economic and environmental impact in the communities that they work with. They are able to do so by raising funds through donations, crowdfunding, partnerships and sales of products to achieve their dream: to see empowered communities, fully in charge of their own development and free from extreme poverty. OMG Florence is proud to be an ambassador for this Colombian-born company since our beginning and is inspired to see the creation of more empowered communities.

You should know
If you want to support Hilo Sagrado, you can join them by helping to provide clean water to the Wayuú indigenous people in Colombia. To learn more about how you can support them, click here.



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Bogotá – Colombia

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