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Juan Carlos Delgado

Juan Carlos Delgado

Juan Carlos Delgado, born 1973 in Bogotá, lives in Bogotá/Colombia

The work of Juan Carlos Delgado is developed from his interest in the dualism of life associated with a set of personal narratives that also intersect to art history and sacred literature. This Colombian artist who began using art as a healing entity now seeks to abandon objectivity and focus on the abstract radical. He seeks to investigate the relationship between permanence and deconstruction, light and shadow, life and death, the earthly and the mystical. While exploring the technical possibilities to represent each idea in image. His work is seen as a resource to explore a series of relations between opposites. Delgado uses different symbols that evoke the search for spirituality and the transformation of a human transit through life through the repetition of forms and the representation of light and shadow through the technique of chiaroscuro. He hopes that his art will continue to shape him into a better person so he can continue to mature in collaborative processes with his audience and fellow artist.

In his 2016 exhibit, “Hiperbarroco” in the Nueveochenta Modern Art Gallery in Bogota, Delgado pays tribute to the history of art, specifically, the Baroque Era. Each piece in the collection is marked by his own experiences and translates his own spiritual path that the viewer can share with him. For example, the piece of a small copper tub supported by a ramp symbolizes the connection between the human and the divine through birth. He creates symbols that are intuitively understood and universal to all and puts a twist on them to suggest transformation, a process where images remain in a transient state. For example, his repetition of roses in a crown of copper that freeze and dry back to their original state based on weather shows this sort of transformation. These pieces suggest the allegory of the passage of time and transforms a momentary experience – that of the spectator in front of the work – into a physical effect of matter. Allusions to religious elements are also found in his focus on the relationship between life and death, and the sacred and human.

Delgado hopes that each viewer can interpret his work to their own personal experiences and spark their own search for spirituality.


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