Refugio La Roca Colombia - OMG Florence!

Refugio La Roca Colombia

Refugio La Roca Colombia

A perfect place to find yourself, practice yoga, rock climbing, hiking and biking, a place that invites you to relax, get up in the sun, and accompany the morning with a delicious Colombian coffee, listening and contemplating the birds and butterflies. End your day with a healthy dinner, a natural juice, a good wine or a cold beer. This is the perfect place to share, love, dream and enjoy a unique experience.

You should know
Refugio La Roca is an ECOLOGICAL Refuge, in this place you will not find the same services that you will find in a HOTEL, although the rooms are comfortable they don’t have the same comforts as a conventional hotel.
Rooms do not have a TV, but instead a 360° canyon view, they do not have a conventional closet, but multiple stones that form shelves, it depends on how creative you are, the rooms don’t have a safe or air conditioning, they are rustic rooms adapted to the natural space with eco-sustainable construction in materials such as, earth in its different techniques, stone, wood, palm and cane, all these living materials that respect the environment and the landscape of the area without altering it.
For Refugio La Roca tolerance for diversity is fundamental, respect for fauna and flora, preserve it, maintain it and take care of it without attacking it. Each frog, spider, lizard, scorpion, snake, each bird and each spesce that inhabits the Refuge is valuable, unique and irreplaceable. If you do not like animals enough and your visit can alter our ecosystem we recommend you DON’T BOOK and find a place more adapted to your needs.

It is essential that you arrive with a RESERVATION, this can be done previously through their website

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If you book please remember:
– Harmony and respect for the environment
– Respect for local traditions and local culture
– Tolerance for diversity, culture, race and tastes with other guests. We are all different.

You will find:
– Use of rainwater
– Reuse of gray water
– Domestic Composting
– Solar water heaters
– Renewable energy
– Ecological education and training for employees and customers
– Intelligent use of water
– Use of biodegradable products
– Dry toilets in the “Reserva” area

Kl 22.7 Mesa de los Santos,
Refugio la Roca,
Santander, COLOMBIA

How to get to Refugio La Roca, everything is detailed in their website
Facebook: Refugio La ROCA

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Refugio La Roca Colombia - OMG Florence