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Verdi Colombian Design Studio

Verdi Colombian Design Studio

VERDI DESIGN is a Colombian Design Studio that, honoring a Colombian family and handicraft tradition, combines natural fibers with metals to create handmade luxury products.

VERDI started in the Colombian mountains in 1995 with Carlos Vera Dieppa, a pioneer in Latin American textile design that worked with the people of Curití, Santander, and developed a unique technique of intertwined natural fibers and copper threads that resulted in the first ever VERDI RUG. After his passing in 2010, his son Tomás and his daughter Cristina, not only brought his technique back to life, but went on to create a brand that now lives and breathes a legacy based on both family and traditional Colombian craftsmanship. The name VERDI comes from Carlos last names: VEra – DIEppa.

VERDI is today a multidimensional design studio with a dedicated team of 50 people working on their workshop, who work with love and patience to create fique (a strong durable fiber obtained from the leaves of a succulent tropical American plant of the genus Furcraea) and metal rugs, organic-silk cushions, plantain-fiber and copper-thread curtains, textiles, tableware and silver-plated handbags, among other handwoven items.

Having been included twice in Surface Magazine’s “THE LIST” as “one of the brands that are shaping the design world”, having collaborated with designers like Johanna Ortiz and having sold at retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Moda Operandi and Net-A-Porter, VERDI is now a multidimensional design studio that combines craftsmanship with luxury to create homeware, fashion and art products for the aesthetically and socially inclined.


VERDI strives to create sustainable design with every bit of the quality and ease inherent to the luxury market. In each of their products, there is a result beyond a craft and a technique: there is the weaver’s essence, the dyer’s story, the farmer’s state of mind and heart, and it is all part of the grander spectrum that is Colombian culture.

VERDI proudly support more than 25 families of farmers in Curití, Colombia, where they source their main fibers.All of their products are made in-house in the VERDI workshop, by their master weavers. VERDI is comprised of almost 25 weavers whose expertise is the result of generations of practice, patience and consistency.

Their 2019 Eco-Friendly Dye Project is comprised of 200 VERDI-exclusive colors that guarantee the dyer’s welfare, no footprint, and color durability.


On Saturday May 25th 2019, VERDI launched their first Showroom in Colombia’s capital, Bogota. “The VERDI Showroom” is nothing less than an immersion into cultural indulgence. Not only is it built from a heartwarming legacy of both family and traditional Colombian craftsmanship, but it also echoes VERDI’S belief that exceptional, sustainable craft is today’s ultimate luxury.
Resting behind contrasts in an unassuming and industrial neighborhood in the city, the exhibition space in their 400m2 warehouse is meant to be experienced in stages.

First, there’s the tunnel. The handwoven, 100% copper rug ceiling and the fiber floor in the entrance tunnel represent the brand’s core: the mix of fiber and metal; the traditional and the contemporary. An initial sense of confinement when crossing the tunnel quickly gives way to an open, generous space that plays in with the textures and metal flashes in their homeware, fashion and art pieces, all of which embrace the powerful brand symbol: VERDI’S TREE OF LIFE.

Present in almost every world mythology, the “tree of life” not only embodies creation itself but also resonates with ancestry and their connection to the past. At VERDI, it symbolizes the Creative Director’s enduring bond with his late father, upon who’s legacy he built the brand, and all whilst emphasizing on VERDI’s material identity through the tree’s copper trunk and lose fiber threads.

Overlooking the tree and accessed only by an Amazonian-fiber spiral staircase, is a stylishly crafted mezzanine. From here, every single detail in the showroom -from the vertical garden and the cocktail bar in one end to the hanging textile installation in the other- may be taken in. This view, better served with a nice warm cup of Colombian coffee, is an invitation to design connoisseurs and design travelers worldwide, as it represents everything that VERDI Design Studio tries to be: an ode to Latin American and international design.

Showroom Photo credit: Monica Barreneche


VERDI’s laboratory is the best place to convey it’s essence, and so it hosts also the showroom. Customers visit “El Taller de VERDI” to not only buy but also to live the experience, watching the weavers, the looms, the fibers, the colors. All of this comes together as VERDI’s lifestyle to create the final product. Word of mouth and today’s digital interaction with costumers has been the main kind of advertisement for VERDI and now through new digital content they have managed to expand, organizing a national and international distribution network for sale and export.

All VERDI’S rugs, covers and curtains are custom-made, unique pieces for each customer. You can decide the size, technique, design, fiber and metal percentages and alternatives. Like “Las mochilas” (handbags), usually marketed as a finished product but you can choose from three colors three different fabrics.

VERDI is working on some big projects, with a focus on strengthening the domestic market and expanding internationally. VERDI has also invested in research and development, by adding on equipment and studying new laboratory design processes to test new techniques and product lines – for this and several other reasons it is important to stay in the loop… about VERDI!


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