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Wanda Barcelona

Wanda Barcelona

Colombia is also about talented Colombians around the world and Wanda Barcelona was founded 11 years ago by two of Colombia’s most brilliant: Inti Velez Botero, the architect and Daniel Mancini, the designer. Together, they founded a workshop of design and construction of spaces, with which they have intricately decorated stores of designer brands. Daniel operates the creative direction after the general decision making, while Inti oversees the logistical-administrative processes. Iris Joval is also part of Wanda’s family as the house artist in charge of the brilliant graphics department.

Wanda’s main headquarters are in the Catalan capital, Barcelona, but Daniel, Inti and Iris travel the world and participate personally in all the processes of each project, from public relations, customer management, budgets. Their creative studio creates stunning, one-of-a-kind installations that can bring any fantasy to life.

Wanda Barcelona uses traditional techniques, adapts them using state-of-the-art technology, and does it all with a special trademark. Their specialization in the use of paper and cardboard in all shapes, sizes and formats creates ephemeral worlds that take viewers through a magical journey. They work tirelessly to investigate each project carefully for their specific client before laser cutting their works and assembling, gluing, and folding all the different pieces together by hand.

A common characteristic of Colombian people is their ability to create opportunity out of crisis and Daniel and Inti are no exception. After the economic crisis that hit Spain in 2009, they were forced to look for new opportunities and customers in other countries. This is how they arrived in Paris, where they started collaborating with many big luxury brands and began to create pieces of decoration for firms such as Dior, Hermes and Karl Lagerfeld. Dior has undoubtedly changed Wanda’s story. “Working with this house has been a real pleasure.

They have it clear about their ideas and have a definite aesthetic, which goes hand in hand with Wanda’s way.” Hermes has also allowed them to immerse themselves in their world of elegance and exquisiteness, giving them free rein to bring out their creativity. The same goes for their collaboration with Zara Home. These are just three of Wanda’s long lists of clients.

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The Wanda Barcelona team is fortunate to succeed in what they do and above all in doing what they are passionate about. The secret of their success is to do things with love and patience, qualities that reflects in all their work. “You have to fall and get up many times before you can fly” says Daniel Mancini.


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