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OMG Florence

We keep saying that our mission remains the same: to discover the very best of the true Florence in which we believe and love so that we can share it.

— OMG Florence

And even now that summer is here, our mission hasn’t changed, but like everyone else, we have started thinking about taking a break from our usual routine. This year we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to take a step back from our everyday life, change the pace and have some fun and share it with you. We wanted to take you to a Special Destination…

We showed you all the wonders of this marvelous destination, gave you a glimpse of places and things that you will want to put high on your list of “to do, to see, to have”.

Our destination was Colombia, where I, Camila Cepeda, founder of OMG Florence, was born and raised. I think the best way to describe Colombia is that it is impossible to be categorical because it is a place that defies imagination and a place where you will always want to return.

In this closing text I would like to say that nothing makes me happier than sharing my love for Colombia. The content that I introduced throughout this month is just the tip of the iceberg of my home – it is not enough but it can give an idea. If you or your friends have any plans to travel to Colombia and wish to have a unique experience, let me know! Through my extensive Colombian network I can design more than just your average vacation – I can curate an experience-trip such as themed trips related to fashion, craftsmanship, nature, wellness, or lifestyle that will allow you to experience the real Colombia.

I hope you enjoyed Colombia, the special destination of this month’s vacation-mode at OMG Florence. For those of you who may be a bit confused as to why I’m talking about Colombia instead of highlighting the best spots in Florence, I have to say that it was finally time to reveal a small part of the place that I grew up. I wanted to share myself and my home with you, to let you know the roots of OMG Florence and the person behind. I hope that this month I was able to introduce to you a Colombia that is much more than what you have heard.


Camila Cepeda