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Stories at Bottega Strozzi

Stories at Bottega Strozzi

Stories at Bottega Strozzi


As a young girl Federica di Coarazze had been accustomed by her nanny to take long walks with irons in her hands: every step was a journey.
Working with wool became a natural gesture, linked to the spontaneous rhythms of everyday life.

Federica’s father, a good hunter, was an elegant man who didn’t give up wearing ties even to go into the woods. Federica decided to make a woolen tie for her father with a camouflage mélange created using various colors of yarn. She did well, so she continued to devote herself to ties.

Years later, in the frequent trips by car to Tuscany with her husband, children and grandchildren, ties came out one on the way there and one on the return.

Knitwear continued to live in them like a breath and the passion for ties remained on her for life. Even today, it marks the hours spent in the rooms of her Florentine home – that building in via San Gallo which is Raphael’s only Florentine architectural project.

Over more than fifty years, Federica di Coarazze’s ties – famous for their refined mélanges, extraordinary in solid colors – have had different intersections with the world of fashion: at nineteen Federica proposed her creations at Old England , where they were appreciated and sold. Later the designer Stefano Ricci asked her for an important production. After this enterprise Federica decided that her creations – for the care she put into each of them and for the uniqueness that distinguished them all – had to be destined to a small circle of friends and admirers.

Today the ties with the brand “Federica di Coarazze” – all unique pieces in pure wool, made entirely by hand by the countess – are on sale at Bottega Strozzi: a space that promotes the most refined and original forms of craftsmanship and design, in dialogue with the great art proposed by the exhibitions of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation.

Stories bring us together, everything around us has a story. We pride ourselves on leaving a legacy of knowledge for later generations to use and it is the tradition of storytelling that allows us to transfer this knowledge from generation to generation.

Stories tell of our roots, of who we are, where we come from, stories connect us with others. Here at OMG Florence, we tell stories of a city, of people and objects to be found in this city. This month is no exception: we’ll tell the story of another place of beauty in Florence; a place that brings together different objects, products, creations – all different between them and each with its own story; each seemingly ordinary but actually truly extraordinary because of the story of  transformation from idea to the journey into becoming an object, product of someone’s imagination, determination, skill and vision.
Stories at Bottega Strozzi - OMG Florence

Bottega Strozzi is the space of Marsilio Editori in the courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, in collaboration with the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation.

Bottega Strozzi is a museum shop with original merchandising. It is a refined boutique with craft and design proposals ranging from traditional manufacturing to 3D printers, with a particular focus on innovation and eco-sustainability. It is also an art library with a wide selection of titles from international publishers, even for children.

The products range from contemporary jewelry, made with precious or semi-precious metals, in Murano glass, but also with innovative and environmentally friendly materials printed with 3D printers to a series of hand-made accessories from extraordinary craftsmen. Some of these accessories include, leather and fabric bags, wool ties, glasses and items in glass or recovered wood, 3D printed lamps, innovative accessories for the technological devices made by hand in marble, silver furnishings, serigraphs, flower compositions, painted on gold sheets made exclusively for Bottega Strozzi with refined techniques.

Bottega Strozzi is also a place of frequentation and study, with a weekly calendar of events that includes book presentations, meetings with artisans and designers, discussions on contemporary themes, events for children and teens, micro-exhibitions, practical experiences and laboratories.

The meetings aim to celebrate the culture of the project as a key to understanding the contemporary world, explored through the most varied disciplines and proposing original formats of participation.

In December 2018 Bottega Strozzi received the OMA Quality Plate for the attention given to craftsmanship and new forms of production.
To promote creativity, talent and innovation, the Bottega Strozzi Award was launched in January 2019, in collaboration with the OMA Observatory of Art Professions and the Palazzo Strozzi.

Foundation. This award is a competition that gives young artisans and designers the opportunity to design and produce a product that would be displayed at Bottega Strozzi. The product should incorporate the theme of the “workshop” in a free and personal way. They will also get the opportunity to be involved with events at the store to promote their products. The products must contain the artisan tradition, the use of new technology and the functionality of contemporary living.

The first edition awarded Anna Primi and Cecilia Falciai with Laura Calligari.
Here you can download the forms to participate.
The announcement of the second edition of the award was launched on 10 October 2019 and will remain open until 10 February 2020.

Bottega Strozzi has its own identity in terms of communication and is present on the main social networks.


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