About Florence - OMG Florence!
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About Florence

Florence, the city we live in, our city, is special. It’s an enchanting, marvelous, magical place.

Living in Florence we discovered that “Firenze” is so much more than Renaissance art and museums, it’s more than beautiful alleys and magnificent facades, bustling restaurants and teeming piazzas, where every corner seems to be a film set.


When you think of the Firenze fashion scene, big brands come to mind such as, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci, Stefano Ricci and many others.
But behind these big names lies a hidden side of Firenze made of working hands and artisanal knowledge; a heritage passed down through generations. Firenze is tradition, passion and inspiration; it’s a hidden treasure to be discovered and to be lived from the inside out.


Our experiences will lead you in it’s discovery, so you will see for yourself why Oh My God Florence!