OhMyGod Florence creates Workshops and Experiences in design, fashion and everything in between in the city of Florence.
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Hats off to Florence!

Create a custom hat in a famous Florentine factory

Venture “fuori dalle mura”, beyond the city walls. Get creative in a working factory with more than 100 years of hat making tradition. Discover the story behind Straw Hat making in Florence and be guided by a fourth generation milliner to create your own custom straw hat.

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Htas off to Florence by OMG Florence
Hammers and Wine

A foray into fine jewellery making techniques

Florence has a long history of craftsmanship in particular, goldsmithing and jewellery making. In this workshop OMG Florence! will introduce you to the new, but oh-so-old world of contemporary jewellery. Learn by doing the basic jewellery making techniques: design, cutting, filing, hammering, punching and finishing.

At the end of the workshop you’ll feel confident handling basic tools and techniques and go home with a unique piece of fine contemporary jewellery made by you!

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Feathered Flights in Fashion

Make a feather brooch guided by a master artisan

Venture “fuori dalle mura”, beyond the city walls. Get inspired in a historical Florentine Bottega and by a master artisan who will share some of their most interesting projects commissioned by major designer brands. Then it’s hands on time! You’ll be guided in the creation of a fashionable feather brooch. Let your creativity take flight!

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Polymer Clay as a Jewelry Material

An Oh My God Florence! experience in collaboration with SARA AMRHEIN

Wednesday, 17 May 2017 – Lofoio

Over the last 75 years a synthetic, innovative modeling compound called polymer clay has come to be used widely by artists around the world for its versatility. In our next #OMGDeepDive we will explore this medium in one of its many applications: Jewelry.

To guide you, Sara Amrhein an American artist based in Florence, who uses polymer clay as the main component for her creations. She will begin the three and a half hour workshop with an introduction to polymer clay, its basic characteristics and a presentation of its various uses. You will learn how to adequately work and condition your clay to avoid problems later in the process as well as how to mix colors and create effects though color pairing.

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Polymer Clay OMG Florence and Sara Amrhein
Polymer Clay OMG Florence and Sara Amrhein
Polymer Clay OMG Florence and Sara Amrhein
Polymer Clay OMG Florence and Sara Amrhein
The Paper Workshop – Starting point of a generous material

A collaboration between OMG Florence! and Diana Beltrán Herrera

October 8-9 2016 – Tasso Hostel Florence

Paper is one of the most ancient materials through the history of civilization. It is a medium that records all kinds of information and ideas. In creative fields, sketching on paper is used as a way to immediately capture ideas, both written and drawn. Even in this Digital Age, paper continues to be indispensable in our every day life.

The idea is to explore paper as an adaptable medium by getting familiar with its characteristics, its strengths, its limits and potential applications. Through the workshop participants will learn a new approach for making models and prototypes using paper, as well as other methods fundamental in the creative process and problem solving in fashion and design.

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The Paper Workshop volumi
The Paper Workshop forme
The Paper Workshop oggetti
The Paper Workshop Apprendimento