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Doors on narrow, seemingly austere streets abound in Florence, and they often hide incredible scenes, stories and places. A glimpse through a door in Florence is a privilege and is the metaphor that we use to describe the wonders that can be found in this timeless city, where tradition and innovation have co-existed for centuries to make it an incredible incubator for craft and invention, particularly in the world’s most fascinating and pervasive industries: fashion & design. OMG Florence creates inspiring experiences in fashion, design, artisanal arts and unites participants with the fashion/design network.

OMG Florence Vision
OMG Florence Vision
OMG Florence Vision
OMG Florence Vision
OMG Florence Vision
OMG Florence Vision
OMG Florence Vision
OMG Florence Vision

What lies behind this door?

And behind this one?

If I close my eyes, I can almost see it. There’s exactly what I’ve always dreamed of – the secret Florence of artists, craftsmen, boutiques and workshops. There is the everyday life behind the scenes, from the most imaginative design to intricately hidden seams, from the finest woven fabrics to the most extraordinary buttons.

What I wouldn’t give to open these doors, to have the keys and to be able to just walk in.

Florence is magnificent even without opening these doors, mind you. But I know that Florence already. Many can see it, if not everyone. But it’s not enough for me to just look at the shop’s windows, beautiful as they are, while I walk along Via Tornabuoni and Via delle Vigne Nuove.

I want more. I want my own view. I want to see things from the inside. I want to think like those who create. I want to touch with the hands of those who craft. I want to feel with the heart of those who live fashion.

I’d give anything to open that door…
Shhh. Wait. Something creaks, something moves, slowly and magically.
I hold my breath. A door opens. And then, I find myself inside.

My story starts now.

Creator and Founder

Camila moved from beautiful Colombia to Florence in 2003 armed with a degree in Graphic Design from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotà. Between Colombia and Italy Camila has worked in advertising, communications, fashion production and event planning. Living, working, creating and dreaming in Florence ever since made her want to share with others the magic of beauty, inspiration, ingenuity and tradition that makes Florence unique; the side that is often lost in translation.

Supportive Angels

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I’ve always been fascinated by what I can’t see and what’s hidden, by closed doors. Maybe its because then I can imagine different worlds and fill my imagination with surreal visions.

Olga, the character who comes to life on these OMGF doors invites you to be curious, to explore. She captures your attention while she observes you on the street, or when she peeks out of the doorway, letting just a bit of the magical world that is behind it slip out.

Once the doors have been opened, you too will find yourself breathless – because of what you see: A city that is precious, rare, contemporary and classic all at once, one that is extraordinary and leaves you thinking, “Oh My God, Florence!”