Featured artist: Cecilia Paredes - OMG Florence!
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Featured artist: Cecilia Paredes

Featured artist: Cecilia Paredes

This week we are exploring our roots and looking West back to our native hemisphere and South America. We are exploring the inspiring world around us and here we come to Cecilia Paredes.

When we first saw Paredes work it was her photo performance that caught our eye. She uses body painting to immerse herself into her photos, often so well that you jump when you realize what you are looking at. Trapped by a sense of wonderment of the betrayal of ones senses and a slight feeling of uneasiness invoked by the same, the viewer often has trouble understanding where the body starts and where the background begins. The artist uses this meticulously applied body paint, beautifully rich colour palletes, natural elements (as feathers) and transformation to explore themes regarding displacement and assimilation. Her work is visually entrancing and thought provoking.

Her next upcoming exhibit is in Paris as Honor Guest, at La Hall Des Blancs Manteaux on January 21st and 22nd, 2017.

Cecilia Paredes OMG Florence!

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