Colombia is in fashion - Colombia sí está de moda - OMG Florence!
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Colombia is in fashion – Colombia sí está de moda

Colombia is in fashion – Colombia sí está de moda

Long ago in 2015 the presidents of Colombia and France decided to establish a year to celebrate the two countries. The first half of the year was dedicated to France in Colombia and the second half dedicated to Colombia in France. All of it is very exciting to us, but the idea of seeing and living the wonders of Colombia HERE in Europe is naturally even more stimulating. And it is not just in France, we are seeing a positive focus on Colombia the world over and in a sector that is particularly close to our hearts: Fashion.

From Paris to New York, both street and social are abuzz with talk about all that is coming out of this country. Aquazzura, Johanna Ortiz, Esteban Cortazar, Silvia Tcherassi just to name a few or even some that most do not even know have a connection to Colombia, like Haider Ackermann. These designers are bringing a vibrant cocktail of new ideas to the fashion world that not too surprisingly include elements like color, nature, indigenous artisanal tradition, music, whimsy and just plain Joie de vivre.

And so it is this French term, that describes a Colombian attitude to life so very well, that brings us back to France. With more than just a touch of nostalgia regarding the imminent closure of THE fashion destination for any fashion pilgrim, Collette, we are so pleased to see that the Paris concept store has embraced this year dedicated to Colombia. Tapping into the talent of Esteban Cortazar, young Paris-based Colombian designer, to host a curated yet fun focus on Colombia called “Let’s Celebrate Colombia” lasting almost 2 full weeks under the hash tags #colombiacolettebyesteban #ColombiaMiAmor. It is refreshing and energizing to know that even in a city like Paris, where the Fashion Few reign, there is still room for something new.

Viva la France, Viva Colombia!

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