Do you know what Polymer Clay is? - OMG Florence!
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Do you know what Polymer Clay is?

Do you know what Polymer Clay is?

Polymer clay is a kind of clay based on the polymer PVC that, like mineral clays, can be hardened through heating, although at much lower temperatures, which makes it much more accessible for artists and craftsman alike because it does not require large, expensive kilns.

Users of this material must work and condition the clay by hand or even with the help of a simple pasta-making machine while working with the clay before heating the clay. The fact that this material is available in so many colors and is so accessible to so many has brought about much experimentation and innovation, with dazzling and astounding results.

Said to have been invented in the 1940s from early plastics, Polymer Clay is a relatively new material and its use has since gone from play to craft to fine art, with works in this versatile material now on display in major galleries and museums in the United States and beyond.

Polymer clay lends itself especially to the field of jewelry making given the amount of detail that is possible and the fact that it is very lightweight, which allows for stunning effects in terms of size and volume without heaviness.

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