Opensource and participatory Design project.

Fattelo! is a design-led startup founded in 2011 by Federico Trucchia, Daniele Schinaia, Mattia Compagnucci and Antonio Scribano, funded by a crowdfunding campaign..

Our method focus on redefining the meaning of waste through open source design projects.
We believe that everyone can be a maker, our design process aim to generate experience driven products around everyday materials and tools.

Our first project, 01Lamp is a desktop light made out of a single sheet of cardboard; it can be purchased on the company website, it is shipped as flat packaging that shapes through a series of fold and lock actions (origami-like); alternatively it is possible to upcycle a pizza box or any other similar cardboard; the building instructions are available on Fattelo! website, freely released under creative commons.

Fattelo 01 Lamp OMG Florence