Fostering Traditions and Heritage to Build the Future

Fostering Traditions and Heritage to Build the Future

We like to talk about people, places and ideas that are close to our heart, to give support and visibility and, as usual, be inspired by them to hopefully inspire others.

Enter HILO SAGRADO Foundation, a Berlin based social business and member of the London-based Ethical Fashion Forum, is driven by a vision of change, where textile production is sustainable and developed with high ethical standards that allow artisan communities to preserve their culture, identity and to generate a positive impact on society. The Foundation provides training and workshops to foster cultural practices and knowledge in a community, specifically the Wayuu indigenous community living in La Guajira, Colombia. The HILO SAGRADO Foundation seeks to rescue the cultural heritage of communities in Latin America like the Wayuu, by empowering artisan women and entrepreneurs. With ethical trade and social welfare as cornerstone and, like the case of the Wayuu, HSF works to achieve gender equality for all women and girls, keepers of the community’s rich weaving culture, through training programs while promoting leadership skills and practices that recognize and empower positive behavior.
The Foundation works with families, to understand the role of these women in the family  and to respect their traditions in order to protect new generations and facilitate their access to education.

HILO SAGRADO’S business model brings exclusive products that highlight rich cultural heritage to the global community via an online marketplace:
In 2016 HSF launched Exclusive Accessories and Home Collection in New York, presenting beautiful handmade bags, home accessories and accents made from artisanal tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation and represents the deeply-rooted traditions and values of the community. Each item is painstakingly crocheted by hand and can take up over a  month to complete.

You can learn more about the Foundation, their mission and, of course bring some of this beautiful Wayuu craftsmanship and creativity into your own home by visiting and shopping at  –

We are grateful and inspired by the work done by HILO SAGRADO and are so glad to be close to them as they promote the healthiest and most respectful fashion business model for our planet and all of our traditions, whatever they may be, around the world.

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