How about being creative? - OMG Florence!
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How about being creative?

How about being creative?

Creative means “marked by the ability or power to create” according to Merriam-Webster and is a word that can be used to describe all of us, to some degree. The fact is that our lives may not induce us to creativity because we tend to use routines and tools that we find around us to navigate this world.

But creativity should be a daily practice, a daily endeavor. Scientific studies show that creativity, or flexibility in facing what life throws at us, be it a problem or trying to make something new, keeps the mind toned and reduces stress, and in the long run, increases life expectancy. That is because flexible thinking is like stretching: the more often you stretch, the less difficult reaching for something new will be. So practicing creativity will lead you to a longer, more creative life. So the question is: How about being creative?

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