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Local Secrets

It’s been a while since OMG Florence live the city to share with others the very best of it. We love to meet new people and create connections between them, we met Massimo not so long ago and we invited him to spend some time with us and see what comes up.
Say that you’ve walk the city as a “local” feels like something authentic and fun.
In a city like Florence you can find thousand of possibilities to explore the city, it depends only on how curious you are, how good you are doing research and above all having an eye that makes you distinguish between what is truly unique from what is only tourist.

Let’s LIVE Florence with a local twist

Massimo Aversa, a Florentine by adoption who incarnates the defining essence of a true Italian: passionate for fashion, lifestyle and the “Dolce Vita”.

OMGF: Why Florence?

M.A.: I was born in Castrovillari, Province of Cosenza, Calabria, on February 1973 in a very small town of 30.000 inhabitants. I moved to Milan for work for over a year and then, after coming to visit a friend of mine in Florence, I fell in love with this city and decided to find a job and live here.

OMGF: What do you do?

M.A.: Linked to my studies, I worked 14 years for an American multinational corporation in the electronic sector, but at one point I decided to leave everything and start my own tourism agency. I organized guided tours in the historical center of Florence, all of them with the SEGWAY scooter. But during all this time, I have always have the passion for fashion, lifestyle and what we Italians call, the Dolce Vita. This passion is inherited from my mother and her father. My mother was an excellent tailor, she made wedding gowns. My grandfather taught me everything about fine living. Given my interest in this field, I decided to close the guided tours business and devote myself to advise people about fashion and lifestyle in Florence: shopping counselling, where to go for the best aperitivo or a fine dinner, and all things involved with the Dolce Vita offered by the splendid Florence.

OMGF: How old are you?

M.A.: I turned 46 last February.

OMGF: What are three things that can’t be missed during your day?

M.A.: For sure, a nice breakfast with a cornetto, cappuccino and espresso.
Second, a tour around the city hunting for cool and new things.
Third, meet with friends to share the highlights of the day while having a nice drink.

OMGF: What do you like?

M.A.: In my spare time I like to walk across the park with my loyal dog, Charlie.

OMGF: How would you describe the Italian man?

M.A.: The Italian man has many aspects. You can find those who are affectionate and love to spend time with their family, and you can also find men who enjoy being alone and love to travel and spend time with their friends. I reckon myself to be a little bit of both of them: I love my family, spend time with my wife and at the same time I love to share my passions with my friends, mainly travel, fashion and good living.

OMGF: What do you consider to be a must in an Italian man closet?

M.A.: A good jacket is a must. It’s enough with a linen-cotton jacket, you just have to wear it with jeans and immediately, you are fashionably ready to go out.

OMGF: If we look into your closet, what would we find?

M.A.: Certainly, you would find a lot of linen shirts in different colors matching a similar amount of sciarpe in the same material and color.

OMGF: Here we talk about the “Local Secrets”,  can you reveal us one secret in Florence? (which will no longer be a secret…)

M.A.: I’m going to reveal my secret place in Florence: whenever I want to be alone and read a good book and just relax, I love to search for shelter at a hotel nearby the banks of the Arno River. Are you curious about the name of this place? My secret shelter is Villa la Massa, an enchanting place to relax at the pool-side with a drink in your hand.
Via della Massa 24, Candeli – 50012 Firenze

Instagram: @massimoaversa.real

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