Migone Confetti - OMG Florence!

Migone Confetti

The Migone shop was founded in 1916 in Florence in Via del Proconsolo, not far from the corner of Piazza del Duomo. Around the same time the Migone family opened another shop in the center of Montecatini Terme. The Migone story started as a dream of Mrs Fiammetta Luccii Migone, who had worked as a shop girl in a confectionary store and had wanted to open her own business in the center of Florence. This dream came true when her husband Ferdinando Migone made it possible for her to open the shops.

A few years earlier there was a storefront in via Calzaiuoli that was used to sell goods to raise funds for troops at the front. When the War ended, the Migone family bought the property and in 1919 moved their shop from Via del Proconsolo to Via Calzaiuoli.

Since its founding, the Migone Company has sold candies, fancy sweets and party and wedding favours and treats. Migone to this day operates in its historic Via Calzaiuoli shop where four generations of family work. It really is one great, big family!


Opening hours

Migone Confetti
Via dei Calzaiuoli 85r
50123 Firenze
Monday – Saturday 09.00 am – 7:30 pm
Sunday 10.00 am – 7:30 pm

Photography: Jessica Ferraro