OMG Florence! Discovery and Inspiration with immersive experiences
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Open New Doors

OMG Florence brings together professionals that work actively in the fashion industry, design and artisanal arts who want to share their knowledge and expertise with others interested in the Italian Fashion System, as in all forms of design and arts. Through OMG experiences we are able to create an international network of fashion and design lovers, professionals, students and institutions.

Create inspiring experiences

We create one-of-a-kind, inspiring experiences in the city of Florence, through the organization of immersive weeks, weekends or day workshops. Through our unique experiential approach, we aim to enrich, inspire and provide new tools for individuals with different backgrounds, united by a common interest in fashion, design and artisanal arts.

Build Synergies

OMG Florence activities can be complementary to educational or professional programs. OMG Florence is constantly engaged in research and development, looking for new synergies and interesting opportunities to collaborate.