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OMGF #colorfood

Italy is certainly known for its countless famous and traditional must-eat foods. When you live in or visit Italy, food becomes a very important part of your life. Even having said this, we here at OMG Florence are not about to become a food blog: there plenty of professionals out there who create exquisite content and that inspire us so much already. Our mission remains the same and as you know we are curious as always and forever on the lookout for whatever reflects the best of the real Florence in which we believe in and love to share.

For us and for many, Italian food reflects a vibrant lifestyle and to prove this we’re making an experiment that ties together our research, our experiences and our beloved places to get food, real Italian food.

We invited our friend and Chef Paola Muñoz to work with us on an OMG Florence experiment and see what comes out. We presented her with 4 special businesses in Florence, Velona’s Jungle, Veronica Silicani, Migone Confetti and Essère Atelier and asked her to create a dish inspired by each of these colorful and unique personalities.

And so for OMG Florence Paola has transformed her passion for cooking into an expression of true Italian taste inspired by each of these places and people we introduced her to to create our OMG Florence Colorful Menu.

Durrell Eggs
Durrell Eggs, inspired by the Durrell Suite at Velona’s Jungle: 28square meters of paradise, delicate and stylish, a real design-lovers heaven. When studying Velona’s Jungle, Paola not only focused her attention on the colors but in the spirit that is perceived in the fine taste, attention to details, unique interiors, and vibrant pairing where vintage, contemporary and traditional furniture co-exist in a perfect balance.

And so Durrell Eggs are refined and delicate, the perfectly balanced combination of color and flavor to make this dish both elegant and fun at the same time, like Velona’s Jungle.

Cappellacci Silicani
Cappellacci Silicani, inspired by the Italian soul and colorful spirit of Veronica Silicani. This first course “primo” of handmade pasta represents two great Italian icons: Pasta & Fashion, two pillars of Italian tradition.

It is an experience to watch Paola make the pasta, the time and dedication, the attention to detail, the expert hand manipulating the most humble of ingredients to transform them into something exquisite, almost incredible. It is this same Made in Italy that we find in the way Veronica creates her bags and that has inspired our chef, because it is in this very craftmanship and alchemy where their two worlds meet.

Colorful Octopus 
Inspired by Essère Atelier where everything is created to complement and enhance your own essence. For Ilaria Owner and Designer of Essère Atelier the choice of colors is a fundamental part of her creative process and it is her color combinations that also make her garments unique.

The color of octopus, when cooked perfectly, becomes more intense as does its flavor when it is paired with ingredients that complement it, like in this dish, which is a colorful explosion for the tastebuds and the eyes and calls to mind the garments Ilaria creates.

Contemporary but Traditional Mango Mousse
At first we thought it might be banal to create a dessert inspired by Migone but Paola thought that a dessert was the best way to express the distinctive and traditional flavours for which Migone is famous.

But because, like the next generations of the Migone family, we can live and appreciate tradition but with a mind that is open to a future with new flavours, like mango, and that are as sweet and colorful as ever.

Did you enjoy reading about this culinary experiment? Would you like to experiment with us yourself? Let us organize a lunch or dinner for you and your guests with this menu inspired by our friends from #colorfulflorence where you can meet them and live a one-of-a-kind experience.

Would you like us to create a dinner experience for a launch, inspired by a product or a person for you, with excellent seasonal ingredients? We can also find a special location for your lunch or dinner.
Would you like us to create a unique dish inspired by your brand or work?

Like we said, living in Florence, we couldn’t exclude food from our Experiences, in the midst of this abundance of culinary tradition and wonderful fresh ingredients and we are so lucky to have a Chef like Paola who is ready to use her pallet and ingenuity to create unique experiences. So if this interests you, then #letstalk

Photographer: Jessica Ferraro
Amateur photographer: Juliette Verweij
Chef: Paola Muñoz


DURRELL EGGS for Velona’s Jungle

Serves 4


4 fresh eggs

Apple vinegar

125 gr Parmesan cheese

50 ml fresh cream

30 ml milk

1 bunch of Swiss chard

10 gr raisins

10 gr pine nuts

1 lemon

Slice of brioche bread

Salt and pepper


Cheese fondue

Grate the cheese

Heat milk and the cream at 60°C, when reaching the temperature remove from heat and add the grated cheese

Mix with a whisk

Add salt and pepper

Swiss chards

Soak raisins in warm water

Toast the pine nuts it in the oven at 160°C

Clean the Swiss chards and remove the steams

Cook the Swiss chards in a hot pan with some olive oil and a garlic clove, raisins and the pine nuts

Poached eggs

Heat 3lt of water with 300ml of vinegar, when it almost boils add the egg and let it cook for about 2 minutes do this for each egg separately.

To serve

First place the vegetables, then the egg and the fondue on top, then decorate with pine nuts and the toasted bread.

CAPPELLACCI SILICANI for Veronica Silicani

Serves 4


Pasta dough

200 gr flour 00

160 egg yolks


4 potatoes

200gr cod fish

1 lemon

1 parsley

1 garlic clove

1 thick slice of speck

200ml of milk

For the zucchine sauce

4 zucchini

Basil leaves


For the basil sauce

125 gr basilico



For the handmade pasta

Mix yolks and flour, knee to get a smooth consistency, cover and leave in the fridge for about 40min

For the filling 

Peel the potatoes, cut them in big cubes of the same size and cook for 15 minutes

Remove from water and smash, when the pure is still hot add some e.v.o and chopped parsley

For the fish

Heat 3lt of water and some milk, when simmering add the cod fish and cook it,

remove from water and smash it with a fork.

Mix the cod fish the potatoes seasoned with salt, add lemon zests

For the topping

Slice the speck and cook it till it’s crunchy

For the zucchini sauce

Cut the zucchini in slices, cook them in medium heat on a pan with e.v.o, garlic clove and some time, add some vegetable stock and cook till they are soft.

To make the cream put the zucchini in a immersion blender and emulsify the mixture with some e.v.o

If necessary add some stock to obtain a smooth and creamy consistency

For the basil sauce

Blanch the basil in boiling water and salt, leave the leaves 30sec and when removing from the boiling water refresh it with ice cold water

Put the leaves in a immersion blender and while blending add oil till it’s smooth

For the cappellacci

Roll the pasta, get a thin layer and place the filling, make the cappellacci and cook them in a pot with boiling water and salt, remove from the pot, finish the cooking in a pan with e.v.o and Parmesan

Serve with the zucchine sauce, the speck and the basil cream

COLORFUL OCTOPUS for Essère Atelier

Serves 4


1 Octupus

2 potatoes

1 leak




Green apple


Red onion

Apple vinegar



salt and pepper

Cut the onion and marinate it with water, vinegar and sugar in same doses

Cut the green apples in slices and keep them in water and lemon for decoration

Chop the pistachio and leave them apart for decoration

For the octopus
Cook it in a big pot with water and vegetables (carrot, celery, onion and the orange) add the octopus and cook for about 50 minutes.

Remove the pot from the heat and leave the octopus for about 20 minutes inside. Then remove it from the water cut the tentacles and finish the cooking in hot pan with e.v.o

For the cream

Cook the potatoes without skin, smash them and add some vegetable stock

cook the leeks in a pan with some vegetable stock

Mix all together and season with salt and pepper

To Serve

Put the potatoes and leek cream in the bottom

The crunchy octopus, the onions, apples and pistachio on top

CONTEMPORARY BUT TRADITIONAL Mango Mousse for Migone Confetti

Serves 4


40 g of mango pulp

20 g of juice of passion fruit

10 g of juice of lime

80 g of eggs

30 g of milk

50 g of granulated sugar

2 g of Migone Jellies

4 Migone Fiorentine chocolate discs


Lemon zest

20 g of butter of cacao

70 g of butter

pate sablée

Moisturize the Migone Jellies with water

Mix the eggs with sugar, add the milk and the fruit juice

Cut the lemon zest

Cook the cream up to 82°C

add the Migone Jellies

Mix it with the cocoa butter and the regular butter

Keep these preparation in the fridge

Mango mousse

220 g of mango pure

60 g of egg whites

40 g of sugar

2 g of Migone Jellies

18.5 g of water

170 g of cream

Whisk the cream partially and set aside in the fridge

Moisturize the gelatine with the water indicated

With the sugar and water make a syrup. In the meantime make peaks with the whites and when the syrup reaches 121°C add it to the egg whites and increase the speed and work up to obtain one meringue.

Heat the puree of mango . Add the Migone Jellies. Thin the puree adding one spoonful of meringue and continue mixing to meringue the cream, working to hand with one spatula and carefully don’t  disassemble the composed. Take one mould

Put the mousse in one sac to few with spout smooth and pour about two cm on bottom of the mould.

To Serve

Place the pate sablée

Add the mousse and then

add the Migone Fiorentine chocolate discs of dark chocolate garnished with chopped pistacchio and the Migone strawberry jellies