Polymer Clay as a Jewelry Material - OMG Florence!
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Polymer Clay as a Jewelry Material

Polymer Clay as a Jewelry Material

Polymer Clay as a Jewelry Material

An Oh My God Florence! experience in collaboration with SARA AMRHEIN

Wednesday, 17 May 2017 – Lofoio

Thank you all

A spring evening, creativity, inspiration, learning about a new material from a master, sharing with others, Wednesday night’s #OMGDeepDive was made up of all of these. The turnout was great and we hope everyone was able to learn a lot more than they already knew.
We carefully select the venue for each #OMGDeepDive and the mood we are trying to create. We were sure about it and we confirm it now,  our venue, Lofoio, couldn’t be a better place for our workshop, it was just the perfect setting.  And Francesca, an outstanding host!

The evening, an introductory and exploratory journey into polymer clay, its use in jewelry making, and as an art medium in general. Our participants, instead, came from different backgrounds, from the jewelry field, graphic design to custom design and product development in fashion. It was a nice and interesting mix, everyone worked with their own hands and at the end of the evening took home a piece of their own production.

A sample of the feedback giving a flavour of what some of the participants made of the workshop:

Great! Amazing professional, loved the result of my necklace

A great space at Lofoio, very friendly and easygoing experience

Absolutely wonderful. I am excited to continue to explore polymer clay on my own

Great! well organized, friendly people, efficient

It was a success, a delightful detour beyond the usual Wednesday night. And with this satisfaction under our belt, we’d once again like to thank all those who helped make this #OMGDeepDive what it was.

A thank you to Francesca and the entire Lofoio community, who foster such a collaborative and creative workspace. Thank you to our partner FUL, Florence Urban Lifestyle, who always are excited to share and spread the word about our work, as well as Tuscany People, who reached out to their public to help showcase our project.

Thank you to the talented photographer Olga Makarova for the beautiful pictures of Sara’s work that we used in our communication and thank you to Creative People in Florence for including us in your community, sharing the word with the rest of the group.

And a final heartfelt thank you to Sara Amrhein, the artist who did an extraordinary job leading the workshop and to our participants, who were very interested and eager to learn and share.


The second #OMGDeepDive by OMG Florence! opened the door to the “Polymer Clay World” by providing new insights and perspectives on this humble and accessible material and its multiple applications in the jewerly field.


Through exploration and experimentation of basic techniques, participants were able to learn a new approach to a contemporary material and create their own pendant guided by an artist with almost a decade of experience.


Sara Amrhein, an artist who has made Polymer Clay the main means of her creative process, inspired participants from varied backgrounds and united by a common interest in fashion, design and artisanal activities.

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